About Us Emami Art

Emami Art formerly know as Emami Chisel Art (ECA) is a part of the reputed Emami Group of Companies. It idealized as a full-fledged art organization from 2008 onwards, encompassing within its infrastructure two large gallery spaces, a library, archive, an art-shop and a publication section engaged in producing some of the most versatile literary and visual productions. It organizes photography,art and craft fairs where craftsmen share space with contemporary artists under one roof.

These fairs give a unique opportunity to the mass as well as art connoisseurs to collect artworks at reasonable prices. Besides this, ECA also organized significant curated shows reflecting the contributions made by eminent masters and upcoming talents.

Richa Agarwal, Director Emami Chisel Art, is playfully blurring the line between art and commerce. Motivated by her prolific father-in-law,  R S Agarwal’s passion for paintings and sculptures, Richa was a key force to give shape to his concept and help him  establish Emami Chisel Art as one of the finest contemporary art galleries in the country that was a differentiator. With a keen sense of aesthetics and a courageous spirit to experiment, she was confident of making her dream project ECA a force to reckon with in the world of art.   Emami Chisel Art is a homespun concept that has now caught the fancy of art connoisseurs.Spread over 20,000 sq ft. ECA’s guiding spirit is Richa’s ever evolving innovations and ideas to bring best of contemporary arts and its connoisseurs together under one umbrella. 

Richa is encouraged and supported by her husband, Aditya Agarwal, Director , Emami Group to pursue her passions.   Soft spoken, articulate and intelligent, Richa encourages new talents to promote affordable art for all.

Determined to preserve and protect the legacy and heritage of Bengal’s art, she plays by her own refreshing rules that govern her business of art.  In a short span Richa has made an indelible mark in the world of art.   

Founders Emami Group

R S Agarwal a visionary entrepreneur is best known as one of the Founder Promoters of Emami Group, a diversified leading business conglomerate headquartered in Kolkata. 

He is a man who takes challenges head on in his businesses. He pursues his passions with equal fervor. He is a connoisseur of myriad genres of performing arts, be it music, art,dance or theater.  His exquisite taste and love for arts led him to conceptualize & establish Emami Chisel Art, one of the largest contemporary art galleries in Eastern India.  His personal collection of some priceless art works and sculptures of artists of international repute is a feast for the eyes.His quench for acquiring knowledge is hard to match.  He is a passionate reader and spends most of his spare time reading.  He has a penchant for giving expression to his thoughts in the contours of his poems.   Bhavdhara is the first published book on his collection of poems, featuring his ruminations on life and its tenets.  A true visionary, his poems shimmer with candor and are populated with philosophical insights that makes one introspect. His biography Ek Aur Brahmand by Arun Maheshwari has captured the principles & philosophies of the life of RS Agarwal. The biography meanders through various stages of his life that are both interesting and inspirational.  The book also gives a lively account of the unique andclose bond shared by him with his childhood friend & business partner, R S Goenka.

R S Goenka a deep bond of friendship and an implicit trust in each other led R S Goenka to jointly establish Emami Ltd in 1974 along with his childhood friend R S Agarwal. A perfect foil to his friend and business partner’s extroverted nature, R S Goenka is a man of action with few words.  He sports an easy air that reflects his soft demeanor and is a man, who everyone looks up to for his wise counsel.   Possessing an eclectic taste for fine arts, R S Goenka shares many creative moments with his childhood friend-business partner,  R S Agarwal and has fondly written the foreword of Agarwal’s first book of poems ‘Bhavdhara’.A philanthropist by heart, Goenka is associated with a number of schools, charitable trusts and philanthropic organizations.