Contemporary Indian Art And Its Culture

Contemporary Indian Art And Its Culture | Art Exhibition in Kolkata

Do you feel intrigued by contemporary art? Do you wonder what makes the contemporary Indian art stand out from the rest?

Art has always been an essential part of Indian culture. In fact, it is rooted in our tradition. As noted, Indian art has always been abstract in its form. Be it our monumental architecture or the engravings of our deities, Indian art has always been reflective of heightened imagination and curiosity with a touch of realism as perceived by the artist.

Considering the same, one might assume the contemporary art of the country to be in the line of the same. Art and culture have so well fused in the history of Indian art that the assumption of the continuation of the same in the present Indian art scenario is only plausible. However, acknowledging the same without proper research is similar to make a hypothesis rather than stating a fact.

That is why in this article before we delve into that, let’s first understand the generic meaning of “contemporary art.”

What is Contemporary Art?

As the term suggests, contemporary art in the most simplistic sense is the art of today. However, to be assured of what modern art is becoming questionable, for instance, some recognize the time after modernism in the art to be the commencement of contemporary art. Although, the universally accepted notion is that art produced in the mid 20th century or the 21st century is contemporary art. Further, contemporary artist in the present world work in a globally inspired, culturally distinct, and technologically progressing environment.

What is Contemporary Indian Art?

Indian art has always depicted diverse cultures and societies. However, Contemporary Indian art has emerged as intriguing and fresh. Although inspired by several styles and sources, it nevertheless owns its peculiar language. The extensive array of contemporary art ranges from abstract to figurative and surreal to contemporaneous. Unhesitant to experiment, the present Indian artist utilizes all sort of mediums to enhance their craft. The easily accessible characteristic of today’s art owing to the technological advancement that taking place all around has brought contemporary art to the living rooms of the general public. That has increased the connectivity of the same making it represents the modern generation.

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