A Novice Buyer of Painting? Follow These 5 Rules To Never Get Cheated

A Novice Buyer of Painting? Follow These 5 Rules To Never Get Cheated | Modern Art Exhibition Kolkata | Art Gallery

Possessing great work of art is always seen to signify something refined about the owner. Furthermore, paintings are the notable reflectors of the exquisite taste of a personality since eternities. Be it a piece flattering the charm of your dwelling or setting the mood of your workplace, it expresses you at best.

However, if you are only beginning to invest in the art to add to your refined lifestyle, then you might want to steer clear of certainly plausible mistakes you might make on your quest.

5 Rules to follow when buying a painting for the first time

Research: Attending galleries, museums and browsing online galleries should be the first step for you to understand your taste in art. Inquiring about the artist’s backdrop, the subject topic or the media used can lead to developing your appreciation for art and the artistic process.

Set a budget: Art of work and especially paintings come at not just different sizes and stature but also varying prices. Setting a budget for art will help you determine which work of art interests you more in accordance with the price asked and how much are you willing to spend on the same.

Consider the entire decor of your dwelling: It is imperative to keep the whole decor of your home in mind while purchasing a piece of art. Because if a work of art can bring a difference in the appearance of your home, a misjudgement in the same can ruin it as well. The paintings you purchase should complement and accentuate your furnishings.

Note the return policy: Most of the art galleries in kolkata or an art website offers a precise return policy for their customers to make it convenient for them. That is beneficial for the first-time art buyers as this provides them with the opportunity of experimenting their taste without fearing to lose their investment on the same.

Love it before you buy: Purchasing a painting for the sake of it is neither worthy of your effort nor your money. A work of art should induce a feeling within you to make you go for it. If you don’t connect with the piece of art, then you might as well abandon the thought of obtaining it. Buying it for the future value of the work that it might possess as is assumed by someone else should not be the sole reason for you to purchase it. Relying on one’s gut feeling about the right work of art coupled with your budget, should be the call for you.

The above-stated are just a few of the pointers that a novice painting purchaser should keep in mind before making a purchase. However, as the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Hence, it should be your call at the end. If you find the work of art appealing to your eyes and the budget, then you should go for it.

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