Which is Kolkata’s Best Art Festival or Event?

Which is Kolkata’s Best Art Festival or Event?

The best things to do in the world include attending top-notch fine art exhibitions in Kolkata. Be it a Contemporary art gallery or Handcrafted Fine Art in Kolkata, and you will have a gala time of your life with a few of your close friends or your family.

With the best of fun, amusement, the experience with celebrations lets the visitors submerge in the local culture and vibe of Kolkata. Ranging from the most prominent paintings of young artists to popular artists of Kolkata, the gallery showcase various categories of art to suit everybody’s tastes. If you are looking for the best art events or Expo in Kolkata then Emami Art Gallery is the best art shop in Kolkata.

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing color, imagination beyond past and future, know the history & explore the future with the painting shown never before.

Emami Art Gallery is an interface for the youth developing artists to feature their work to the whole world and simultaneously, empowers the art curators to buy contemporary art online.

Emami Art – a well-known destination for the visitors, artists and art collectors around the globe, aligns with the Emami Group’s mission to support the artists & artisans to contribute towards society’s well being. Emami Art Gallery is a place where you can find elegant and extraordinary paintings by renowned artists in Kolkata. It was initiated by Richa Agarwal, with its magnificent 10,000 sq.ft. Art space-maintaining international standards which located in Kolkata Center for Creativity (KCC).It is one of the exclusive Contemporary art gallery in Kolkata which presents a unique illustration of paintings from contemporary art to modern art.

It has distinguished itself as one of the premier art galleries in Kolkata. Which offers an ever-changing display of beautiful art paintings, sculpture, glass, as well as the most exquisite artistry and innovative designs in custom picture framing. It has featured artists of local and national distinction that are true masters in their respective fields.

The Gallery has been a centre of consistent artistry movement spreading over various groups, and diverse intersection goals. From the visual art to workshops, and now passing the method for the art-driven world, the Emami Arts Gallery knows the best trend for contemporary art.

From displaying 2D arts to 3D arts, Emami Art Gallery is attempting to bring the best of artists to practice broadly with international standards. There is additionally an interface between what is named ‘great arts’ to well-known artistry traditions, especially with regards to the way of thinking and vision of a worry for youthful Indian craftsmen.

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