Know About The Extraordinary Painting Ideas Of Anjan Modak

Know About The Extraordinary Painting Ideas Of Anjan Modak

Anjan Modak, a talented artist from Kolkata in India, has gained phenomenal success worldwide for his extraordinary thinking in his paintings. With constant workshops and art exhibitions, people all over the country have started identifying and acknowledging his great work.

Anjan’s Painting Displays His Life So far:
Every artist has a base that he follows closely in his work, be it a literary work or a creative work, like a painting. A few of Anjan’s paintings display his life so far. It has been full of uncertainties. His painting, named ‘Change of Habitat,’ shares facts related to his early life. It shows how he moved from one house to another as he frequently changed his habitat as a tenant. The display of the broken concrete floor is significant enough to show his mental state. It shows the mental state he had been in while changing his place of living, whether willingly or unwillingly.

Comparison of City Life and Rural Life:
Dealing with nature has been a task of seeming patient. Anjan Modak has been adept in this task using his pallet and canvas. His paintings show the plight of the people living in both villages and in the cities. The use of ideas and imagery creates a strong impact on viewers. You can see a strong contrast between the rural and country lifestyle in Anjan’s creation of modern art.

Family Pictures:
Apart from Anjan’s popular series on modern art, you can find a few images of family life in his work. His art, entitled ‘Safari,’ depicts the sentiments of a family that suffers from the troubles of uncertainty. It is all about a family of construction workers that chases its dreams of an inspirational life. The use of colors creates a strong impact on the mind of the viewers.

Society and Social Engagements:
If you have a look at a few of Anjan’s recent works, you may find a strong representation of social life and its reflection of the life of the common man. His series entitled ‘Man’ shows the conditions of a common man who tries to overcome the towering social engagements. The painter’s concerns over strong emotions is a certain feature of his work that can move you for sure.

Depiction of Artist’s own Ideas about Life:
Every artist is free to depict his ideas and impulses in his art of creativity. Anjan Modak is no exception! His work includes clear mentions of human figures that tell what his ideas about life are. He is a master of creating an impact on the viewer’s mind that allows them to understand what the artist thinks and believes about human life.

Among the new generation of Indian painters, Anjan Modak has been successful in creating his space. His works in some private albums from India and abroad are very praiseworthy indeed.

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