How to buy Art in an Art Fairs?

How to buy Art in an Art Fairs? | Art Gallery in Kolkata

Buying art at the galleries and exhibitions is never difficult if you have a clear frame of mind and are aware of certain pointers. This write-up discusses those essential pointers below.

Are you an art lover and collector? Have you acquired some interesting pieces in your valuable collection? Then, by now you must be aware of the fact that the art fairs is an interesting place to look for the perfect artwork. These fairs or exhibitions host budding or upcoming and established artists, giving them much-needed exposure as well as giving you the chance to explore their fascinating art.

If you are an art lover and want to start your collection, then these places hold a lot of potential for you. Usually, you will find these art exhibitions in Kolkata hold a sale simultaneously. Most professional art collectors, who consider art as a financial investment, bring in certified curators to pick valuable and profitable art pieces for them. However, what if you are just new in the field and do not have a hired curator by your side.

3 tips to help you in buying Art at exhibitions:

1. Do your research

This is the first thing you need to do – before heading towards the exhibition. Before attending it, do thorough research on the artist, the gallery, and pieces that are being held at the exhibition. Research gives you a strong holding as to what to expect at the showcasing as well as you will get an idea about the pieces worth curating.

2. Talk and network

Remember to network with the artists and the available art consultants about the show. They can provide more insight into the piece that interests you. Even if a particular piece of art does not interest you – ask questions. It helps in developing a relationship with the art specialists and gallery owners, assisting your future purchases.

3. Taking time making the splurge

Well, some pieces of art might attract your fancy and you might feel the impulse to make the purchase immediately. However, as numerous art consultants recommend – take your time before making the purchase. Consider the question before making the purchase – will the artwork light up the mood of your house? Is the piece cohesive with your already existing collection? Does the artwork reflect your personality and point of view?

As an experienced art gallerist pointed out once, buying at an art fairs is not difficult. But you need to have a clear mind as to why you need this artwork.

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