How Contemporary Art Form Differs From The Traditional One?

How Contemporary Art Form Differs From The Traditional One? | Emami Art

Art is an expression of human emotions. It has been around since ages and will remain till the time human civilization abounds. However, a lot of confusion persists when it comes to a clear demarcation between contemporary and traditional art.

If you happen to be in Kolkata, making a round of the art gallery in Kolkata will offer you a glimpse of the prevailing scenario in the art world and will help you develop a better understanding of this subject. It will offer you a glimpse of work done by both traditional and contemporary artists which will help you develop a knowledge of the difference that both these art forms have.

Contemporary Versus Traditional Art

Contemporary art showcases the developments prevalent in the current art world. Traditional art, on the other hand, is a depiction of past events and times. Contemporary art usually shows the development in the art world from the 1970s to the present era.

The traditional art is a depiction of cultural and religious ethos that were prevalent from 1970-1980. You can check out some of the contemporary art gallery to develop a better insight on the subject, if you wish to excel as a contemporary artist and want to understand the nuances of this art form.

Both these art forms also vary in themes. While contemporary art lays more emphasis on modern living styles through the use of new technologies, the focus on traditional art is on religion, people’s lifestyle and their culture.

Get An Insight Of Contemporary And Traditional Art

There are many modern art galleries in Kolkata where you will be able to understand different aspects of art. The leading art galleries in Kolkata also hold regular exhibitions of leading artists where their contemporary and traditional artwork is showcased.

What Is Contemporary Art?

Contemporary artists are known to showcase their artwork in the context of today’s society. They usually use abstract ideas to represent their art form. These artists also use the latest technological inputs and videos to highlight key social changes.

What Is Traditional Art?

Traditional artists are known to be associated with the artistic movement over generations and pay more attention to using traditional methods of artistic expression. Their paintings are thus an apt representation of religious and cultural beliefs of a particular time era.

In a nutshell, it can be said that both traditional and contemporary art forms are depictions of different times. However, both have equal importance and offer a richness to the amazing world of art and architecture.

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