Jogen Chowdhury – A Leading Personality In Contemporary Art In India

Jogen Chowdhury - A Leading Personality In Contemporary Art In India

The land of Kolkata in West Bengal in India has been graced by a number of talented people who have acclaimed popularity all over the world with the help of their unparalleled work. These people include poets, social reformers, and people from other domains. If you focus your search in the contemporary world, then the name of Jogen Chowdhury is sure to be on the list.

Born in Faridpur (now in Bangladesh) in 1939, Jogen Chowdhury has been a multi-faceted talent. His hard work has established him as a celebrated painter, writer, and an institution-builder. A graduate from the Government College of Art and Craft in Kolkata in 1960, Jogen Chowdhury has been a scholar who has won win various awards from the governments of multiple various prominent countries, like Germany and France.

The Artist Has A Different Idea About Painting

As an artist and also as a human being, Jogen Chowdhury has a different view of life. The Indian artist in him understands the underlying current of the Indian style of painting that talks much about the use of lines and tactile. He is a master in this traditional usage. Besides, he has enriched himself further by mastering the usage of curves to depict his characters as never before. He has been successful in the experiments that have established him as one of the most prominent painters in the 21st century.

The Background Of Jogen Chowdhury’s Painting

Right from the beginning of his career as a painter, Jogen Chowdhury has evolved significantly. Still, the year of independence of India in 1947 left an indelible impression on his artistic thought. The sight of colonial India and the sights of both jubilation and lamentation made him a thoughtful painter in the time to come. The partition of the country forced the painter’s family to migrate to Kolkata in India, where they had to suffer a lot to strengthen their roots in the country. Many of his popular paintings prove this development quite clearly.

Art Galleries In India and Abroad Display His Outstanding Growth

If you have an understanding of contemporary painting, then visiting the art galleries can help you. A number of exhibitions are held almost every year in India and abroad where you can view his extraordinary work. Calligraphy Of Touch and Gaze’ by Kalakriti Art Gallery in Mumbai in 2008, ‘Lignes de Meditation’ at Veda Art Gallery in Chennai in 2012-13, and ‘Jogen Chowdhury: Formative to Recent’ at CIMA Art Gallery in Kolkata in 2014 is just a few to name that spread his popularity across the country and abroad.

The Saga Continues

Jogen Chowdhury, even at 81 at the moment, has been a trend-setter with his outstanding perception towards traditional and contemporary Indian painting. As a follower of this legendary painter from India, you can reach the popular contemporary art galleries in India and abroad to witness his impeccable feats with brush and colors. The saga of a wonderful tradition still continues for you to appreciate.

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