G. Ravinder Reddy – An Indian Artist With A Difference

G. Ravinder Reddy - An Indian Artist With A Difference

A large number of Indian artists have gathered phenomenal success and popularity all over the world. Most of these people are the masters in their own domain. They have contributed a lot to promote Indian contemporary art all over the globe. They have been successful to a greater extent as well. If you prepare a list of the most successful artists from India, then the name of G. Ravinder Reddy should appear within the top ten artists.

Born in 1956 in Suryapet in Andhra Pradesh, G. Ravinder Reddy has been a great artist, a sculptor to be more accurate. He graduated in Fine Arts with a specialization in Sculpture in 1980 and further received his Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Maharaja Sayajirao University in Baroda in 1982. His subject of specialization was ‘creative sculpture.’ His unique instinct towards ceramics took him to the Royal College of Arts in London.

Specialties Of G. Ravinder Reddy

The sculptor has a distinguished style that establishes him as a celebrity Indian Artist. Most of his prominent sculptures depict spectacular eyes. The admirers get a unique presentation of wide and bold eyes in most of his popular exhibits. Many critics observe a sense of sensuality in the eyes of most of his works. Your next visit to the popular art gallery near you can motivate you to have a closer look at the eyes that are always remarkable in the works of G. Ravinder Reddy.

A sense of familiarity is yet another distinctive feature of the artist’s creations. The viewers can easily relate to the sculptors as they find them very familiar to them. Instead of using mythical images, the artist depicts images of common men and women in his works. Certainly, this idea brings him a different identity that others can hardly do. The artist carves the most amazing expressions in the sculptors that make people happy and contented.

Global Popularity

As said earlier, G. Ravinder Reddy is famous all over the world. No matter where you go, you may find art exhibitions almost everywhere. You may reach the best art galleries in the world. You may always find a segment there that displays the popular works of this phenomenal Indian artist. Throughout his long career as a prominent artist, Ravinder Reddy is widely searched for India and abroad. In India, every popular art community pays proper respect to this great artist. You may find an art exhibition all year round that displays the wonderful work of G. Ravinder Reddy.

Art Galleries Exhibit His Sculptures

As an art lover, you may never want to miss the chance of viewing his work. The art galleries in Kolkata, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore arrange exhibitions of his works occasionally. This is not all, the art galleries in different other venues in the world also arrange exhibitions of his work.

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