Dashrath Patel – Understand The Artist With The Help Of His Work

Dashrath Patel-Understand The Artist With The Help Of His Work

Believed to be one of the greatest artists and sculptors in India, Dasrath Patel really deserves the highest amount of respect. With an unquestionable talent with brush and colors, the artist has been successful in obtaining global popularity. A visionary by nature, the admirers call him ‘India’s Renaissance Man,’ who contributed a lot to establishing Indian art form globally.

Born in Nadiad in 1927, Dashrath Patel established himself as a legendary personality by dint of his impeccable knowledge, style, and creativity. Appreciated by the art lovers from all over the world, his paintings, sculptures, and artistic creations attract thousands of admirers to the art galleries. Graduated from the prestigious Government Art College in Chennai, Dasrath Patel was largely influenced by Debi Prasad Roy Choudhury, a mentor at the college. He got a scholarship to complete his post-graduate studies in École des Beaux-Arts in France in 1955.

Style and Thought-Two Things That Made Dasrath Patel Successful:

Though all artists are creative, innovative, and thoughtful, things are were not the same with Dasrath Patel. His unparalleled and mature thinking and artistic ideas put him much ahead of his time. You can easily estimate his creativity if you have a look at his splendid work in paintings, ceramics, collages, and photographs. His drawing patterns, lines, sketch, and use of various types of colors distinguish him from other significant contributors. The art lovers, from India and abroad, flock at the Art Exhibition In Kolkata and other places to appreciate his understanding of light and landscape.

A Genius Artist:
Without any hesitation, you can consider Dasrath Patel as a genius artist who did a lot of things to show his concerns for the future generation artists. In 1961, he founded The Nation School of Design in Ahmadabad in Gujarat and remained its founder secretary till 1981. He was a visionary and that inspired him to make quite a few modifications in the institute and its campaigns. His wishes As he wished to take art to the rural people, he also founded the Rural Design School in Sewapuri, near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh.

Contemporary Indian Art is Indebted To Dasrath Patel:
Though India has produced quite a few number of great artists in the modern years, Dasrath Patel holds an eminent position in them all. You should reach the art galleries in Kolkata and other parts of India and the world to find a retrospective of his works. You may clearly notice the varying ideas that were visible in his way of thinking. Some of his popular paintings reveal that the painter was a powerful storyteller with a rare ability to tell stories with his paintings.

Accept the Contribution of Dasrath Patel:
The more you know about Dasrath Patel, the richer you would become to appreciate his contribution in contemporary Indian art. Try to reach the best art galleries to find his work.

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