How Emami Art Talk 2.0 Can Help Art Lovers?

How Emami Art Talk 2.0 Can Help Art Lovers?

Artists are creative people who get guided by their passion and innovation towards their art form. As the art form changes from one artist to another, so changes their innovation and adaptability to the prevailing socio-economic conditions. The celebrity artists have the power of their experience with them; the new artists are often exposed to many challenges.  Due to this, the seniors are often safe in terms of their career perspective. However, the risks for the new artists are often larger. 

Guiding these new artists is often a big responsibility of those who are more knowledgeable. Keeping this in mind, Emami Art has come up with a new initiative to help the emerging artists who are still to cover their ground. Termed as ‘Emami Art Talk – Conversation 2.0,’ the initiative aims at providing the new artists the required guidance that can put them ahead. These new artists are not behind in terms of their skills and knowledge, what they lack is the experience. 

The Concept Of Talk 2.0:

Intuitive and appreciable, Talk 2.0 is a unique idea that is sure to extend a helping hand to the new artists using the personal experiences of the celebrity artists. The organizers wish that these well-known artists should share their hard-earned experiences with the newcomers. Such experiences are very rare and the newcomers are sure to face such situations in their life, while they struggle to create a reputation among the art-lovers. The task is often not easy, still, the words of the celebrity artists inspire the new ones. 

The Program:

It would be a 4-day online series that would feature some of the most talented artists of our times. They would express their views about different perspectives of an artist’s life and career. They would speak about their practices that brought them success in the end. They are sure to cover their past, the present, and the upcoming projects. They would also focus on the challenges that the artists would face in the times to come. Remember, all these ideas or views would aim at inspiring the artists of tomorrow and to transform them into matured artists. 

Facing Unpredictable Conditions:

Life is not always the same as it throws some severe challenges at different point in time, like the one the world is facing today. The pandemic due to Covid-19 has made life really worrying for everyone, the artists are no exceptions Emami Art, the organizers of  Emami Art Talk  – Conversation 2.0 believe that the views and experiences of the celebrity artists would inspire the upcoming generation of artists, and make them strong enough to face situations as severe as the pandemic. 

The Artists On The Show:

Emami Arts has been very particular about putting the most extraordinary talents on the show so that they could inspire the next generation of artists in India. The participating artists in the show include Navjot Altaf, Ranbir Kaleka, Shakuntala Kulkarni, and Pushpamala N. 

The Bottom Line: 

When it comes to motivating the artists, it can be done in the best possible manner only if senior artists take the responsibility. Emami Art deserves the credit for undertaking a great initiative. 

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