Emami Art Initiates Popular Programs To Promote Art Awareness

Emami Art Initiates Popular Programs To Promote Art Awareness

Drawing and painting is a popular art form that is popular all over the world. You may have heard about some of the world-class painters who have made themselves immortals in the annals. However, time changes fast and so changes the demands of popular art forms, including paintings. The contemporary world has a number of artists who are very popular by dint of their exemplary skills.

At present, the world is hit by a pandemic caused by COVID-19. The impact is worldwide as more than 200 countries have been affected, infecting close to 69 lacs people and killing around 4 lacs. Due to this situation, the demand for the artworks has gone down rather alarmingly. The awareness among the art lovers has also reduced rather seriously, and that is one thing that makes Emami Art worried.

Emami Art cares for the artists as well as for the art lovers. For the sake of both, the company has come up with special initiatives to create and enhance awareness towards artists and their work. They focus on getting the advantages not only for celebrity artists but also for the upcoming or new artists. The awareness program encompasses artists, art lovers, art galleries, and various other sources that are associated with the promotion of and artists.

Popularizing The Art Galleries:

Since art lovers are more comfortable in reaching the nearest art galleries to view the exhibitions and to buy their favorite paintings, therefore Emami Art is doing a lot of things to activate these art galleries first. Efforts are on to revive the popular art galleries in Kolkata and other parts of the country.


Arranging seminars with the active participation of artists as well as art lovers can make a big difference in spreading awareness among common people. Such events have been very successful all over the world.


At present, when the world stays indoors, the significance of online platforms is catching momentum. Emami Art also has plans to arrange webinars or online seminars, to make more and more people participate in the program. These webinars also feature celebrity artists in them. The experiences can do a wonderful job for the upcoming artists who are yet to get noticed. Such events can put artists and art lovers face to face. The interaction has the ability to motivate the market for sharper results.

Exhibition-Cum-Sale Offers:

The organizations like exhibition and sale of art pieces can always get additional significance. It was a popular process of promoting sales and business-related paintings, and the experts are very positive that the process can write success stories even today! Art lovers should be invited to avail of special benefits.

The Bottom Line:

Emami Art has been involved in the task of promoting the works of popular artists from Kolkata and other parts of the country for more than quite a few years. At present, when the quest for survival would be a major effort for the common man, the task for promoting art awareness is difficult if not impossible.

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