Nature As I See – A Perspective Of Arunima Choudhury

Nature As I See - A Perspective Of Arunima Choudhury

Born in 1950, the name of Arunima Choudhury does not need any introduction. She has been a prominent artist and painter, who has a large number of admirers from all over. The prominent art galleries in India and abroad have organized quite a few exhibitions in her paintings. Her paintings are in great demand as well. As a successful Indian Artist, Ms. Choudhury has been a prominent bestseller. Her passion for realistic painting got more prominence after her visit to Santiniketan, where she was greatly inspired by the works of the painters and above all, by the aesthetic ideas of great Rabindranath Tagore.

Many of the works of Arunima Choudhury focus on the impeccable impact of nature on human philosophy and lifestyle. To be very specific, some of her paintings are based on this remarkable relationship. The painter considers nature as the supreme force that blesses the humans by her grace.

Which are the prominent paintings available at offline as well as Online Art Shop and Art Galleries in Kolkata and abroad?

Girl In Blue:

Here, the painter imagines nature as a young girl in a blue outfit. The artist portrays nature as a soft, exuberant, and distant entity that takes care of everyone. The painter uses fresh and naturally-made colors. If you are fond of contemporary paintings, then you cannot deny the beauty of Girl In Blue!

Mother And Her Child:

Many painters from India and abroad have created millions of paintings on this theme. Still, modern painters have been doing a great job by finding more ideas and creativity to get some delightful images in recent times as well. In this painting, the painter has represented nature in a close resemblance with a goddess and a nurturing mother. The presentation is amazing!

The Sunflower:

Arunima has been a fond lover of the works of stalwarts in Indian painting. She is largely impressed with the works of Rabindranath Tagore, Ramkinkar, Nandalal, and Benode Behari that are dedicated to nature. However, her painting titled ‘the Sunflower’ is inspired by Van Gogh, a prominent Dutch painter.

The Blooming Nature:

The experts are full of appreciation of the painter’s imagination where she has personified maternity. The painter is successful in depicting the sense of seasonal gaiety in the celebration of the flowers. The painting is very popular among the art lovers in India and abroad.


This painting from Arunima Choudhury is a tribute to Mother Teresa that she considers as the universal symbol of love and care. Painted with Botanic Dyes, the painting of the Mother is a rare masterpiece that has acclaimed international repute.

Life is Beautiful!

The painting depicts man’s love for nature. It reveals the sense of universal totality that allows human beings to live in this wonderful world, making nature their mother!

The Bottom Line:

If your love for nature inspires you to Buy Landscape Paintings, then you can always reach the nearest Art Gallery in Kolkata in search of the paintings of Arunima Choudhury. You can even find superb pieces on popular galleries online.

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