Online Exhibitions – An Art Lover’s Virtual Paradise

Needless to say, our world has changed dramatically over the last few months, in some ways temporary and in others, likely more permanent into a world of self-isolation. With audiences isolating at home, art galleries being shut and exhibitions delayed until further notice, the art community which operates almost exclusively from public spaces, is scrambling to reinvent itself online. Many artists have responded to this challenge with the kind of ingenuity you’d expect from highly creative minds. 

Indian art galleries and museums have taken up the responsibility to keep the art lovers engaged by introducing them to online art exhibitions. An increased visibility in the virtual space is the main target of Kolkata’s Contemporary art galleries as well. Although the personal connections are missing, online exhibitions have proved to be an easy way to expand reach. 

In the times of prevailing emergency, the online exhibitions have turned out to be extremely popular and widely accepted among art lovers. It has also provided a scope of introspection and reinvention to the galleries. The major reasons being noted below:

Art galleries urge audiences to spend more time in entanglement and appreciation of art. Curation plays an important role here in sparking the curiosity of audiences, and to build this impact through online exhibitions, galleries are reinventing their modus operandi and exploring the virtual platform. It has turned out to be a fascinating process of learning for galleries too.

The biggest advantage of online exhibition lies in the fact that a website remains open 24×7 basis, and you can take plenty of time to choose which art to buy based on your wishes or parameters. You can reach contemporary art gallery any moment to buy your favourite piece of Contemporary Indian Art. You just need to reach their website, surf for your choice of artist, visit his or her account, and chose your dream painting. 

While talking about advantages of online art galleries one cannot ignore ‘updates’. Online galleries are very prompt in updating their art works. You can see upcoming art exhibition in Kolkata immediately. You don’t have to wait for offline Art Exhibitions. Thus you will learn about latest trends in contemporary art.

As the deliveries are made at the doorsteps of the customers, so they seldom need to venture out of their homes to collect their artwork. The whole responsibility to deliver the art pieces safely to the buyers’ place is of utmost importance. Usually, the art store works in collaboration with the best Art Galleries that have a rich collection of paintings of well-known as well as upcoming and promising Indian artists and local artists. For example, Emami Art brings to you online exhibitions by renowned artists and decorative arts and collectibles, respectively with personal delivery network.

When it comes to buying paintings online, art lovers consider online exhibition to be a blessing during this pandemic as it allows them to appreciate art-works online, make inquiries and collect works from the comfort of home.

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