Appreciate The Creation Of Snehasish Maity

Appreciate The Creation Of Snehasish Maity

One of the most promising painters and artists of our times, Snehasish Maity has been successful in establishing himself as a front-runner. With an amazing sense of painting in diverse domains, Snehasish Maity has been very popular among contemporary art lovers. Born in Durgapur in West Bengal, Mr. Maity is a bachelor in Visual Arts from the Government College of Art and Craft in Kolkata. He completed his bachelor’s degree in 1995 and went on to do his Masters in Visual Arts from M. S. University in Baroda in 1998.

Right from the beginning of his career, Snehasish Maity has gained an excellent impact due to his creative work. His work as psychological archaeology has been outstanding. This form of painting brought him to the limelight, and from there, he did not look back again.

Besides being a versatile painter, Maity has been a visionary as his painting has a sense of revelation. Describing his aptitude, Snehasish Maity accepts that his work deals with symbolic representation. He believes that the inner transformation of his being is a significant reason for the complete domination of his artistic ideas. He says, “The images of figurative representation moved away from my personal association that took place during the emergence of his intellectual being or space.” Further, he adds, “The socio-economic conditions and political issues around me were underlying factors that transformed my ideas and beliefs towards the things that I visualized around me.” He accepts that the impressions were deep-rooted, and their impression on my mind influenced me and my artistic thoughts further.

Snehasish Maity has a great understanding of his abilities and the thoughts that guide him more than anything else. He believes in practicalities of making something new and creative. He considers his works as independent ‘objects.’ He is of the view that some underlying impression of poetry can be observed in his paintings. Many renowned art critics have also accepted the impact of poetry on Maity’s paintings. Additionally, Maity has been practical, and the representation of this sensibility can be seen in many of his artistic creations. The presence of different impressions, like tensions, ambiguities, inarticulateness, and light and elusive moments in his paintings, makes them differently noticeable.

To understand Maity’s recent paintings, you should do well to reach the well-known art galleries in Kolkata and other places in the country. Some of his famous artworks have been displayed and appreciated by the masses at these art galleries like Emami Art. Besides art galleries in India, some of the best works of Snehasish Maity have obtained an international reputation as well. These art pieces have been displayed in the popular galleries in Tokyo, Singapore, London, Japan, etc. With a lot more artistic creations are due to appear in the market in the time to come, Maity is all set to leave an excellent reputation among the art lovers from all over the world.

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