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How Reliable Is Buying Paintings At Online Art Galleries?

How Reliable Is Buying Paintings At Online Art Galleries?

In this digital age, everything, be it products or services, is available online. Mainly, after the outbreak of COVID-19, and in the new culture of social distancing, various art fairs, galleries, and auction houses are gradually embarrassing the online sphere, expediting the digital move.

Well, if we talk about “Art Galleries” in particular, the last ones who came out of brick and mortar spaces and embarrassed the digital realm. Indeed, it would be convenient for art lovers to buy painting and art pieces online. Now, they can check more options, at their convenience. The biggest question is “the reliability factor” — Is it trustworthy? Well, there is no one answer to this question, like any online user-and-buyer experience.

If your only wish is to buy artwork online, then you can check the number of consumers engaged with the online site, their ratings, and customer reviews. Besides, you should check what kind of or how much insight they provide on artists and paintings; the background of the artist, his or her journey, and special attributes. You should check whether they provide details about the medium, size, and year of the painting, along with a detailed description.

Based on your comparative analysis, you can visit an online gallery, and buy artworks. Nowadays, many art galleries in Kolkata organize online art fairs,you should attend and check them as well.

But if we talk about people who visit art galleries and fairs, they don’t merely go to those places to buy paintings. They build connections, share their ideas, their tastes, talk about their creations, and collaborate with one another too. It’s a place where they talk and breathe art. It’s a place where wander like a seeker. It’s a place where they learn and get inspired! It’s a place where they relish bond and affection. The void, amidst this crisis, is unfillable. But the name of our survival and existence – evolution. Let’s see how it evolves!

Emami Art is a place where you learn art, get acquainted with eminent artists in Kolkata, and get an opportunity to explore their artwork comprehensively. It’s a place where soul and art meet together.

Get in touch with today, and continue breathing art!

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