Tested Ways of Buying Paintings of Anwar Chitrakar

Tested Ways of Buying Paintings of Anwar Chitrakar

There is an old saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. And if the painter is as talented as Anwar Chitrakar, an artist who tells stories and presents a kaleidoscope of emotions, viz., wit, satire, or comedy, through his paintings, then a picture is worth more than a million words.

Anwar’s family, upbringing, and aspirations are grained and rooted deep in our society. His art gives voice to voiceless and unheard emotions. His pictures cover the strangeness and banality of our daily life, especially after the COVID pandemic — when a plethora of new emotions are constantly sprouting in a million hearts.

Emami Art brings a exquisite collection of Anwar’s artworks to you. Our objective is to give space and exposure to contemporary art; thus, a Contemporary Art Exhibition in Kolkata.

Anwar dwells and gives breath to his work in Naya Village (Paschim Medinipur),it is a village of folk painters or patuas. He is devoted to present tribal and folk art to the world.

Anwar’s art form is so fresh, appealing, and thought-provoking that you can feel and find the same in his paintings.

For instance, in his painting, Bhalobashar Chotto Jaega, he humorously depicted a new situation wherein lovers use their car for romance during the lockdown when other avenues for union are shut down.

Similarly, in Hot Hero, amidst the lockdown, an old-themed Nayak is busy cooking food; whereas, Nayika is relaxing and playing cards with her female friend.

His art is not merely limited to lovers and romance; in Gari Ashchhe, he, in a satirical manner, depicts the disappointments of policemen who cannot take bribes from the drivers since there are no cars on the roads. Agitatedly, they ask a village lady if any vehicle is coming.

In more than the last two decades, Anwar has set up his art as a contemporary to the zeitgeist.

He has participated in a myriad of exhibitions, be it Berlin Festival 2012, Devi Art Foundation “Vernacular in the Contemporary”, Namaste India Festival Japan 2012, and so on.

Besides, his paintings are adding glories to Victoria Memorial, Albert Museum, Mumbai International Airport, and many popular places.

He has won many awards, e.g., the National Award, the West Bengal State Award, the President’s Award, for his marvelous work.

Explore Anwar’s amazing artworks at-and-with Emami Art and satiate the desire of your art-loving eyes. Know more about his paintings and enquire now!

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