How to transform your art hobby into a profession?

How to transform your art hobby into a profession? | Emami Art

Are you planning to transform your hobby into a profession? Do you want to become a professional artist? 

If yes…congratulations!  you have a long way to go. Many legends and geniuses were exactly there, in your shoes; at the same point in life. 

At the beginning 

Before beginning your journey, you must honestly ask yourself,  why do you want to turn your hobby into a career or profession. 

Do you believe that if you give more time to your hobby, it will benefit or improve your work?  Do you simply want to come out of a 9-to-5 work life?  Do you really have the zeal to pursue your hobby as your career? Or you simply want to be famous?

Manage your expense

Say goodbye to unnecessary expenses or purchases. You may need some additional money for your tools, studio, website, marketing, and so on. Also, you need to cut down those expenses which make you do a 9-hour shift. 

Visualize your business!

If you don’t have a business plan and you want to do business,  it means your business has not become a reality. It is still a dream. Prepare a B plan.  Do market analysis, check your target audience, customer demographic and so on to prepare and anticipate your financial positions for the upcoming few years. Develop your USP. 

Take Baby Steps! 

Think like mountaineers! You need many treks and climbs before you go for the “Everest Summit”. Grow little by little. Take calculated risks. Be realistic and proceed accordingly. There is no shame if you make all preparations for your next career while continuing with your current job. You can do it gradually! Again, it solely depends on you. You are the captain of your ship! 


It’s imperative that you build a strong connection with peer artists and exhibition organizers help you present your work to the world. 

Personality is the key

Whether you want to become a sportsman/sportswoman or an artist. One behavior that you must inculcate in yourself or grow — “Your character”. Being rude or cynical doesn’t make you a genius! Your work, your behavior, your thought, your empathy…these are the foundation blocks which you need to strengthen.  

Value your work

Before presenting your work to others, you must know the actual value of your work. Don’t overestimate or underestimate your craft or art pieces. Always remain open to feedback and listen to your target audience, with rapt attention. Likewise, price your artwork properly. Perform competitor analysis, check ongoing trends, and set the prices accordingly. 

Become a brand

With time and experience, you have to develop your own signature style or uniqueness; your USP! Have your own website, business logo, and online social media channels. 

All the best!

Get connected with Emami Art and explore the whole spectrum of art. Be it art exhibitions, cherishing an art community, or organizing art expos, Emami Art is the “the-stop-for-all” in Kolkata. It’s a place where many artists come together and share their thoughts and arts. 

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