Guidelines to remember at your First Art Gallery

Guidelines to remember at your First Art Gallery | Emami Art

Anyone can visit an art exhibition. You don’t need special skills or recognition to enter into an art gallery. The art exhibitions are useful to get an exposure to the art community. These exhibitions not only help you to interact with the art fraternity , but also to showcase your talent in front of them.

Nevertheless, many people hesitate to participate in these events due to a lack of confidence and inhibition. It is essential to understand that there are different trade shows with disparate skills. Hence, you can choose the best for your art projects.

So, how to handle your first Art Gallery visit?

Emami Art is one of the finest art galleries in Kolkata, West Bengal that is known for modern and contemporary artworks. We understand and value the vision of every artist. We welcome new artists on our platform and help them with the opportunities to grow their careers.

For young artists, there are some essential guidelines to identify if an art exhibition is perfect for their visit. Let’s learn how to identify it and plan your first art exhibition.

1- Understanding the audience:
You cannot go for any art event based on its popularity as it doesn’t mean that it will suit your profile. It is useful to plan your first art gallery precisely. Having the correct audience at the event facilitates you to interact with correct people. It is very important to know your client group and people who could like your artwork. It is never easy to introduce your art to the art galleries; sometimes, it can be expensive too. Hence, you have to be smart in choosing one.

2- Spend enough time:
As we know that your first art exhibition is going to be a notable experience for you. You should plan your day in advance, accordingly. Have enough time in hand to observe the participants and different elements of the events. Moreover, take extra artwork with you. It’s good to carry a variety to attract more clients. Also, once you are free from your responsibilities, you can spend time with other artists and check out their work

3- Plan your event space:
Planning out your art space/booth at the event is a major highlight. Once you receive your space dimensions, plan your artworks precisely. You can carry the artwork of multiple sizes and different colour shades. Moreover, you should know how many art works will fit in the assigned space. A disorganized art counter will lead to a business halt.

4- Carry miscellaneous tools:
Many art exhibitions will apprise you in advance about the things to carry to support your art works. Generally, they provide a checklist. Nevertheless, there are some intrinsic items that will certainly help you in all events to look at your art presentable. The items include:

1. S-hooks
2. Hammer and nails
3. Description tags
4. Packaging material
5. Tape and scissors
6. Lighting
7. Table or chairs

5- Promote your art:
In modern times, it is much easier to inform people about your art and the art shows you are attending. You can simply promote the event via Facebook or Instagram account and invite more people to buy your art works.

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