Things to know before you start your Art Career

Things to know before you start your art career

Do you want to pick art as a profession? Well, If you can create or build something, be it a needle or drone, or a pencil drawing or an oil painting, you’re an artist. Kudos!

But if you wish to take your passion one level up and make a career in the field of art, then you need to follow and remember some key points. Indeed, your hard work, dedication, networking, and ideas are important; however, if you don’t know how to commence the journey, you will soon find yourself lost in a dense jungle of confusion.

“Art jobs” cover a wide spectrum of creative streams, from illustration, painting, VFX to graphic designing. When it comes to career advancement in the field of arts, some career metrics are, moreover, similar.

Let’s check what needs to be done and checked:

1. Hone your skills
The more you sharpen the knife, the more lethal it becomes!

At present, when we are locked down, you can hone your craft by taking online art courses. Learn various skills and intricacies and then practice, practice, and practice!

Learn the work conventions of various experts. For this, you can visit museums or galleries and attend exhibitions (traditional or online).

2. Keep yourself open to Feedback
If you’re a professional artist, you must learn the art of listening and receiving feedback. Be ready for any sort of criticism. The voice of your target audience matters. Besides, you should always seek constructive criticism.

3. Make your own studio or private space
The place where you give air to your creativity or create paintings, it needs to be private, well illuminated, has better indoor air quality, and wear-and-tear free where you can store your work safely.

4. Networking
Make new friends. Seek and explore ideas. Grow your contacts. Voice or present your art to various galleries, before influencers and your target audience. Promote your work. You can hire digital marketing experts for this. Create your visiting or business card, associate with local art leagues.

5. Be business-minded
Remember you are or going to be a professional artist; thus, ensure you adapt yourself to a few business intricacies, such as competitor analysis, comprehending the market demographics. Set goals and budgets. Learn to work with and under deadlines.

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Feel free to voice your viewpoints or speak your mind!

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