Know the Artist — Prasanta Sahu

During the pandemic when the lockdown entered our life, many things have changed upside down. The world has become more virtual than ever before.

Likewise, Emami Art has embarrassed the “Go Digital Concept” and shifted to online activities and has been presenting a myriad of digital programs including virtual exhibitions, documentary film festivals, master class, art talks with renowned artists, and art mentorship programs for budding artists.

And in this series, we present “Suburban Shadows”, a solo-show of the latest works of art on paper by Prasanta Sahu, as part of our ongoing series of virtual exhibitions.

For many years, Prasanta has been raising the concerns of the downtrodden, be it peasants, daily labourers, or urban workers who produce food and build our cities; however, they remain underrepresented in our society. He has been moving forward with this objective for over five years and calls it “the unknown multitudes”. His work is similar to anthropological case studies which reflect the morphology of our social structure.

His work consists of field notes, photo documentation, drawings, and interviews. He works on these resources and gives them a garb of artwork. He is an artist who works on realistic and firsthand experiences and information.

The human body tells many tales and is the prime focus of Prasanta Sahu’s works. The marginalized farmers and daily labourers don’t merely depict the human condition but are also a contested site of bio politics and their socio-political status.

Being a trained and versatile artist, he comes from an electrical engineering background and hence his work is a blend of both art and science. His work of art covers intelligence, imagination, and analytic conventions of the scientific discipline.

His work stands as a reality checker for the current generation and will remain a great piece of resource for anthropologists and people who wish to know about the history of social disparity and human conditions — the story of the underrepresented and downtrodden.

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