Learn how to promote your art


If you don’t back and promote yourself, who else will be…

Adding, if you are a budding artist or have no resources for paid marketing, then you need to know how to promote yourself.

Gone are the days when favor and references played a tremendous part in the rise and growth of any artist. Now, you can be your marketer, thanks to digital media and the Internet! Besides, during the pandemic when traditional outlets where you used to introduce artwork earlier are closed, you need to make a way out in the digital sphere.


Build your own blog site and use it as your digital gallery. It’s a great way to build a brand, promote your artwork, and get to know the opinion and viewpoints of your customers. Write about what artists require, build your community out there.

Social Networking

Leverage social media sites, such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Promote your artwork, be it via posts or stories. Social media helps you get brand recognition and drive thousands of visitors to your artwork, get instant feedback, and build deep relationships and connect more with your followers and target market.

Create Your Own Videos

Video marketing is omnipresent. In terms of search engine ranking, YouTube ranks No. 2 after Google. Nowadays, whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, video content is generating a huge amount of traction everywhere. Create videos regarding your brand and work, share your thoughts, go live, etc. You can sell and promote artwork via “live videos” or normal videos as well. You can co-host videos or hold video interviews with other artists. This way, you connect with their followers as well.

Guest Posting

It allows you to get content with new readers and audiences. Let other artists know that you’re interested to share your stories or content on their sites. In exchange, you can ask them to share their content on your site. It helps you build backlinks. Plus, it is highly helpful for your brand and artwork in terms of SEO and building connections.

Online Forums and Communities

Join and become an active participant or member of online art communities, be it local and international. For instance, Wetcanvas, Reddit, Steemit, etc.

Take part in various “Q&A” sessions. Answer questions that come under your expertise. It helps you connect with more people, build trust, and drive more traffic to your website and artwork.

Comment on top trending posts

When you create a blog site, it indeed needs some time to get ranked top in the Google search engine listing. Thus, apart from developing your own blog content, you can promote your work exponentially and drive traffic to your site by posting your thoughts and answers in the comment sections of top trending blog posts.

Publish ebooks

Nowadays, the number of ebook readers is increasing rapidly. If you can write an ebook about the artwork, genres, and awareness, you should go for it. Do it for free and for a purpose to get access to more people. It’s great for your brand building and recognition.

Who doesn’t like his content getting quoted or referred to in various articles?


Nowadays, people are super busy and often do multitasking. You can create your podcast channels on Spotify, BuzzSprout, and so on.  Share your ideas, spread awareness, talk about your artwork over there. Build your own fan base and establish yourself as a brand.

You can submit your artwork to various digital exhibitions and art shows. You can also participate in art competitions.

Emami Art — A contemporary art exhibition in Kolkata helps you exhibit your artwork online. It gives you a booster that needs to become an eminent artist. Besides, it offers various online programs to aspiring artists.




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