How art competitions help in Artist’s career growth

No matter whether you win or lose…if you enter an art competition, you are a champion in many ways; you are already a winner.

Why are competitions so important? 


The biggest treasure which we obtain by attending various art competitions in our career is “self-confidence”. It gives birth to the inner voice that makes us believe in our artistic traits and potentials. It gives us opportunities to present our work before the jury who knows about the current art market and evaluate our work accordingly. Besides, they possess years of experience and thus their feedback helps us grow and do better. It helps us understand the commercial aspects and other important elements of the art market. 

Self Analysis:

When we submit our work for any art competition, we review or evaluate our work objectively. It develops self-awareness regarding our work. It helps us analyze our work critically. 

Strengthen our CV:

Art competitions are like badges for our CVs. They strengthen our CV as an artist. It shows our determination, achievements, and professional zeal. 


We come across great juries and talented artists during art competitions. It helps us learn new and useful things from them. It helps us gain recognition and confidence in our work. 


We need to follow some structures, themes, and guidelines to be eligible and contest in art competitions. These factors help us increase our adaptability and make us more versatile. 

Art competitions are the litmus test of our understanding of the art world and artwork. It helps us understand the market, target audience, and their preferences. 

Emami Art is a platform where artists learn, sell their artwork, and grow in their careers. Its sole objective is to expand the reach of your artwork and bring senior and new artists on the same platform.

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