Suman Dey: The self-taught artist

We, humans, have a close relationship with art, in many forms, we practice it every day. The history of art is beyond our imagination. It is a culture of every nation in the form of paintings, music, dance, singing, etc.

Some people are the hosts who represent the art, while others enjoy and appreciate them. Art is something that helps individuals to interact with others, and support them emotionally, financially, and in many other ways.

Suman Dey, the Kolkata-based artist is independent and self-taught. He believes in improvising his ideas to create attractive art pieces rather than the basic tools of institutional training The artist owns a unique place due to his different painting genre.


Interesting artwork of Suman Dey:

The art designs of Suman Dey look simple but are complex to understand. The artist uses different layers of dark colors to create interesting shapes on the canvas. The combination of his imagination and the art brings out an aesthetic output.

The interesting art pieces of Suman Dey includes:

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