Tips for Artists in Quarantine

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The novel coronavirus is never relaxing. We are almost at the end of 2020, battling with the virus for 3 quarters, and still, the fear is constant.

Our lifestyle has totally changed from what we began in Jan 2020 to Dec 2020. Wearing a mask, sanitization, traveling, dining out— the pandemic has a big impact on our life.

So, as an artist what we have learnt from this pandemic? Was it an “Opportunity” or a “Threat”?

Personally speaking, an artist always looks for challenges. And a good artist always turns the challenge into opportunities. The COVID and the quarantine brought hundreds of new art ideas to the artists. Creativity has tremendously improved.

Moreover, artists working full-time in offices got a chance to stay at home and work freely (no pressure of delivering content). Trust me, an artist can deliver more sensible content if working in isolation.

So, if you are still working from home, here are some useful tips to enhance your artwork quality and ideas:

1- Observe your surrounding:

COVID has changed everything. People are never like before. Hence, if you walk into a park or observe people walking on the road, you will certainly find interesting changes in them. For instance, the different types of masks that people wear and their behavior with each other. Good artists combine their observations and imaginations to contribute splendid artwork.

2- Working on new techniques:

This is a great opportunity to add up your art technique with something different to create a new art style— you know what I mean! We always have something in our mind to try something new but could not get into it. Hence, it is the correct time to add new textures to your paintings.

3- Your own COVID story:

People around the world keep a record of their COVID story in the form of poetry, writings, and others. Why not paint your own experience? Every person has a special struggle that is different from others. If you can paint the story on the canvas, that is not less than a masterpiece. Try it out!

4- Join art competitions globally:

On one hand, where the pandemic has limited us to go out of the home, on the other hand, it provides an opportunity to take our art on a global level. Various online exhibitions and trade shows are happening where artists from different countries are getting together and sharing their art pieces. This not only helps you to share a global platform but also helps to get international recognition.

5- Engage with fellow artists:

As people are spending most of their time at home, we save a lot of our time and often get bored. So, why not utilize the time talking with your fellow artists. Discussions always lead to improvement and bring new ideas. Moreover, it is a good time to follow and research other artists’ art.

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