How to review your artwork to make it better

review your artwork


A healthy learning experience comes from being able to learn and grow from your mistakes and trials. Constructive criticism from an on-looker is indeed an indispensable tool in this regard but there are people who often undermine the importance of self-critiquing. Many artists use the skill of reviewing to identify the areas that may need more attention or improvement and it also helps them keep track of the progress.

One of the challenges in reviewing your art is maintaining the delicate balance between liking your work too much and being hard on yourself. It’s natural to feel this way since you as the artist know best what you were trying to bring out in your art.

Here are a few points that you can bear in mind while reviewing your work to stay fair and not let your feelings or emotions run you.


Look at the bigger picture

Start by looking at the whole picture. Stand back and stare at the work. See if the outcome matches the idea you envisaged in your head or the composition you were trying to develop.

Tune into the details

Only getting the bigger picture done is not enough. Look at the small and finer details that breathe life into your work and lift the quality of the art. Make sure they don’t get lost among the other elements.

Feel the emotions

Not every art is made to invoke your feelings but if the intention is to, then make sure it stirs the emotions of the viewer and delivers the right vibe.

Skills and techniques

This is where things start getting more technical. When reviewing your skills and techniques be more objective and honest to yourself. Look at your art from different angles both physically and conceptually to identify the issues and flaws.

Determine if the skills and techniques you used did justice to the subject of the art. If not, find out what could have been done to make your work better.

Strengths and weakness

After the evaluative study of the skills and techniques you have used, identify your strengths and weaknesses. There is always room for improvement

Alternate ideas

Look out for how things can be done differently next time. Anything new that you would like to include, or any successful area from your previous work that you would like to recreate.


Always keep in mind self-critiquing and reviewing your art is a learning exercise. The main reason behind it is to facilitate improvement and growth. You need to know your skills and abilities to have a realistic understanding of what you are capable of. Be open to what your work can teach you but don’t always get caught up in the negatives that you fail to notice the positives.

The points mentioned above, at first, may seem head-scratching and boring to go about for every piece of art you create; but once you do it for a while it will become a part of your creative process and you will even start doing it unconsciously.

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