Tips That Will Help You Grow As An Artist

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As an artist we learn something new from the most mundane of things that a non-artist might not even pay attention to. Sometimes we learn things at our own pace, and sometimes we end up learning them the hard way – from failures.

After reading the tips given below, you are definitely going to wish someone had told you all of this earlier.

  1. Find your muse:

There are going to be times when you are ready, holding the brush in your hand to paint, but your mind goes blank and you don’t know what to paint. At times like these think about something that inspires you. Finding your muse need not be in the archaic sense. It can be a song or an artist or a scenery that stimulates you and gets your creative mind flowing.


  1. Don’t always strive for perfection, make mistakes:

People who fear mistakes always tend to stay in their comfort zone. While this may lead you to perfection but you are missing out on important lessons that you could have learnt from the mistakes. When you stop fearing mistakes, you become more adventurous and in time you start developing solutions on your own for the problems you encounter.


  1. Art Journaling:

Whenever an idea strikes you, instead of hurrying every time to get your easel and canvas out, try it out in an art journal. Art journals allow you to experiment your creativity without any inhibitions for mistakes. Over time it becomes a record of your progress which helps you identify your strengths and flaws.


  1. Look at what other artists are doing:

There’s so much to learn from others too. There are artists who are far more experienced than you and have come a long way. In these cases, you don’t have to necessarily make the same mistakes and instead learn from their experiences. So that is why you look and learn from other artists too.


  1. Practice every day:

Art is different from any other sports or physical activity, but when it comes to practicing, it is no different. Try putting quantity over quality for a change. To make significant improvements try painting numerous smaller paintings instead of spending time on one large painting leading to procrastination and not being able to complete it.


Sometimes, in order to take a leap, you need to go a few steps back. Similarly, in order to ensure your growth as an artist, try taking a step back and implement one or all of these tips. Let us know how it worked out for you.


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