“Magic With Colour”: A book of imagination

Emami Art is proud to present you all our colouring book – “Magic with Colour”, a unique collaboration of contemporary artists prominent for their ingenious skills in producing art works that invoke a sense of thoughtfulness and are a real eye feast to the beholders.

This project is the brainchild of Ina Puri– a distinguished writer, documentarian, art curator, and collector; who has also won a National Award for producing the documentary Meeting Manjit. Through “Magic with Colour”, we simply seek to fill in our world with the joy of colours and bring light in our lives during these blue and grey times.

These past months Emami Art teaming up with Kolkata Centre for Creativity has actively tried holding exhibitions and programs online for artists, art students, researchers and scholars, but this time with this approach we intend to connect you all with our artists to create this magic with colours.

With every turn in page, a new adventure awaits you. While Jayasri Burman’s drawings will take you back in trip to the time when we were thrilled with excitement during the Durga Puja procession, Maite Delteil will make you escape in a world of enchanted forests away from the buzz. If you are done with escaping, then it’s time to face Thota Vaikuntam’s challenge for you to bring life to his characters. When talking about stories we cannot help but include Lalu Prasad Shaw, who tells amazing stories both real and fictional through his drawings. 

Wait! What’s a story without some furry and feathery friends? Veteran artist Shuvaprasanna has left us in awe again with his brilliant skills and deft hands in capturing them on the pages of “Magic with Colour”. We hold Sakthi Burman the culprit for unlocking your deep memories, from years back during the time when we were all great kings in little sizes slaying big monsters and reigning over our imaginary kingdom, through his surrealistic and allegorical drawings.

You may not be able to travel the world now, but Paresh Maity has brought the world to you through his drawings. His bold silhouettes will make you go grab, not your travel bags and passport, but your box of colours to go paint the world. It’s time for another challenge from Narayan Chandra Sinha. His fluidly drawn lines and curves will leave you scratching your head as to how every colour seems to perfectly fit his drawings.

Through all these escape measures, comes a dose of reality from Jatin Das who pays homage to those resilient people who have not given in during the times of adversity. He perfectly portrays not only their physical details but also their determination to rise above these testing times.

This endeavour of Ina Puri and Emami Art would have not been complete without the contribution of these amazing artists. All our effort needs is your help in bringing the difference we plan to bring through “Magic with Colours”.

The amazing drawings are awaiting to be filled with colours from your memories, imagination, and reality. Let’s celebrate the beautiful moments of life by giving them the colour they deserve and not let ourselves lose hope.

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