Painting – sounds very simple, isn’t it? Just get yourself some paint and brushes, a couple of strokes and blotches here and there on the paper, and there you go. You’ve become a painter too.

Ah! If it were only that simple as it sounds.

People take years and lots of practice to learn it. They toil and create, and create, and create even more paintings; that is how they reach such astonishing skills in painting.

Knowing a few tips ahead at how to be better at painting will help you in speeding up the process of learning the necessary skills and avoid some commonly made mistakes.

  • Know your tools well:

Vast number of paints, brushes, canvases, and art papers are available in the market. Selecting your art tools is not like picking up some snacks from the aisle at the supermarket. One needs to understand which paper/canvas is suitable for the paint that they are going to use, and which brush would be the best for the style that they have chosen. The equipment you use to paint largely affects the overall result of the painting.

  • Use visual references:

Painting from your memory is a good skill to have, but using visual references is not a crime too and will not make you any less of a painter. Moreover, having a reference while painting will give you a better idea about the colour, perspective, and the details which you may sometimes tend to overlook. Thus, having a visual reference will perfect your details and will give it a more realistic look if that is what you were aiming for.

  • Study the shapes:

When looking at a picture to paint, don’t look at it as an object but rather as a group of shapes and figures, and collection of lines and shadows. For eg. if the picture you are going to paint is of a flower, forget how it looks, instead study the shape, lines, colours, shadows, and contours of the object and try to replicate that into your painting. 

  • Have a different look:

Sometimes we may feel stuck, continuously looking at the picture and painting for hours, and the obvious problems become invisible to us. At times like these, it is better to step back and take a break for a few minutes, hours, or even days if necessary, and come back to your painting again. Have a fresh look at it and you may see it differently from what you were seeing earlier. Getting it reviewed from a third person will give you a new perspective too.

  • Be bold and experimenting:

Don’t just always stick to your usual style of painting. Get creative, ditch your brushes and maybe try using sponges or knives to paint. Use a new type of paint or try a new style of painting. It will give your painting interesting textures and perk up its look.

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