Tips on how to preserve your art

Tips on how to preserve your art

Art is meant to be flaunted and appreciated. It is for everyone to see and enjoy. But at the same time, in order to be able to cherish it for years, you should equally know how to care for it and protect it. 

How is it that paintings from ages back still have withstood the brunt of time, and have proudly found a place in the biggest art galleries and museums; to be admired by art lovers from all around the world?

There is a team of professional painting conservators who care for the expensive paintings to make sure its charm doesn’t dull off. Right from how it should be placed, where it should be displayed, and how to handle the paintings; there are methods for every step so that the paintings can be preserved for a long time for the future generation to admire them.

Now you too may be owning a piece of art that is precious to you and would want to preserve it so that you can cherish it for years to come. Not being a professional, how would you care for it? It is not really a herculean task and even you can learn too.

  • Handling Paintings:

While handling paintings be careful to keep away dirt and your fingerprints from the paintings. Wear cotton gloves to minimize the contact. When handling large paintings make sure to get help to carry it, and also remove any watches or jewelry beforehand to avoid causing any scratch or damage to the paintings.

  • Hanging Paintings:

For maximum stability, use appropriate tools and sturdy hangers, hooks, cords, and wires to secure the painting well. If it is a heavy painting, mount a bracket under it to bear the weight of it. When using wires make sure it does not poke into the canvas. From time to time keep checking on the mechanical items that hang the painting to avoid any accidents.

  • Caring for Paintings:

The displayed paintings are to be cared for well so that its charm and allure remains intact. 

  • Protect it from direct sunlight. The intense sunlight damages the colour of the painting leading to its discoloration. Thus, the painting will lose its vibrancy.
  • Keep it away from heat sources too. Heat fastens the natural aging and softens the colours of the painting, thus leading to dirt and debris easily sticking on it.
  • High humidity in the air can promote the growth of molds or black spots on canvases or paints. A humidity level of around 55 per cent is considered ideal.
  • Exposure to moisture will cause the colour in your painting to bleed and cause it to mix up with other colors too. So keep it away from moisture too.
  • Paintings are best when kept in a cool, dry, and dark place; especially if it is an unframed painting.

  • Dusting Paintings:

Never clean painting using rag clothes, moist clothes, or brushes with stiff bristles. The threads or bristles may get caught up in any raised paint, or clothes used may cause scratches or loss of paint on the surface of the painting. Use a soft haired artists’ brush to safely dust the painting. Gently brush in one direction, after which brush in the opposite direction.

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