Understanding colour temperatures for beginners

Generally, colour temperature is termed to the warm or coolness of the colours. In art, there are different perspectives to look at the colour temperature. Many artists do use colour wheels to distinguish the warm and cool colours. For instance, orange, red, yellow are known to be warm. Whereas, blue, green and similar colours are cool colours.

Colour temperature psychology:

Have you ever wondered why red is termed as a warm colour? And why are blue or green cool?

We generally relate blue to water, clouds and clear sky, and on the other hand, red denotes fire, danger and blood. Hence, our psychology makes these colours warm or cool accordingly. However, in reality, a colour is only warm/cool if we have another colour to compare. For instance, if we compare a dark blue and sky blue, our eyes will certainly identify the latter one as cool.

Colour Temperature in Painting:

Getting a hold of colour temperature and precisely using it for your art will certainly bring quality results. With efficient colour temperature, an artist can:

  • Add depth
  • Add sense of sunlight
  • Add a specific feel in the painting
  • Add relations to different objects
  • Add clarity to objects

Every colour has a different mood and energy. An artist with good colour temperature manipulation can certainly describe different emotions on the canvas. It allows you to draw different feelings and show people’s perception.

For instance, warm colours describe energies, excitement and dynamic approach. Likewise, cool colours are seen as meditative, patience and as a sign of stillness. Sometimes, the combinations are helpful to cast serious emotions on the paper.


As a beginner, it is intrinsic to understand the combination of different colours. Your characters and objects in the painting should express appropriate emotions to make it meaningful. The colour temperature might sound like a tricky concept to understand, but you will notice its second nature as soon as you get familiar. It can even be valuable to understand, which helps you cope or survive with multiple lightning color conditions to produce paintings that look natural and even well balanced. It even eliminates the need for extra post-processing. 

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