Why Everyone Must Draw

‘Art is a line around your thoughts’ – Gustav Klimt.

You must have witnessed so many friends of yours who love to draw; however, after sometime they lose their interest.

We have observed a lot of  artist who got name and fame from their artworks. Their masterpieces are still in demand in various countries, and people are in awe about their creativity. 

Benefits of drawing and painting

Their are various reasons why one must paint and draw and not to give up on this beautiful act of creation. Here are some facts that , we will be discussing why everyone must do painting and engage themselves with art.

[1] It makes you happy

Have you heard meditation can make you happy? Art is a kind of meditation. Art helps you to relax. Your art will enable you to expand your mind in a quiet setting. You can use an analogy with art. It may work as the music, or it may work as a perfect workout session for someone. In the end, all these things creative make you happy. 

[2] It lets your creativity come on the canvas.

Painting is a method in which you can let your creativity flow on the canvas. Whatever it is there in your mind, you can put it on the canvas with different colors and shades. After all, this activity helps you expand your mind. 

[3] You can freely express your emotions through painting and art

Sometimes, words are not enough to describe what we feel. We need a medium through which we can say what we want to say. For some, it might be writing, and for some people, it could be singing. In the same way, you can express your emotions and thoughts through painting and art. 

[4] It may help you succeed academically.

You might feel strange, but painting may indeed help you succeed academically. It is found in studies that art is an integral part of educational success as we have discussed in the points mentioned above that how art and painting help you relieve your stress and make you happy. As a result, you become more focused on your academics, and you can concentrate on your studies and exams.

On the other hand, if you don’t invest a few moments of time in art, you would feel that you are unable to focus properly. 

[5] You have your language, and that is an art

Art has its language, and only artists can convey it. If you lack words or express your thoughts, painting could be one of the best ways to express your feelings. Art can create a universal language, and everyone can relate it to some extent. 

[6] It will help you gain confidence

Confidence is something that everyone must require. Through art and painting, one can build confidence. It gives you some recognition, and through praise, you will be getting self-confidence. With the increasing value of your art, your confidence will start boosting. So, painting could be the best way to express yourself with confidence. 


Here, we have mentioned the top benefits of doing art and painting. As we have seen, there are many advantages: getting more focused and concentrated and being academically successful. Along with that, you will be boosting your self-confidence with the help of painting. When no one is there to listen to you, you can express your thoughts through painting and arts. And at last, what could be better than letting your creativity out on the canvas.

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