India Art Fair, Project, 2019

India Art Fair, 31 January – 3 February, 2019, New Delhi

Food for thought
Thought for creativity
Creativity for life

A forest traveler who has spent the night under a huge tree awakens to the beauty of nature. He notices a stone and as he feels its beauty through his hands something stirs within him.

He places the stone at the roots of the tree he had slept under and moves on. In a few days, another traveler notices this beautiful rock composed under the tree and is tempted to add a wild flower he has just . A lady applies her vermillion on it, and another day, while a group of people are resting here at lunch time, the cook paints the stone with turmeric. Over several seasons, the wind rearranges the colours, the tree adds its oily sap and the sun dries it all to a distressed patina.

Time leaps forward. The forest has now become part of a city whose creative residents feel that this installation should be preserved under a structure. The stone now becomes an idol in a temple. It has no features to describe its origin, no particular form to associate with.

Who owns this now? One man can claim this as his individual truth that becomes his own religion and freezes there forever. Whereas for another man, the layered ‘upliftment’ becomes a spiritual experience that can flow forever.