AMI Arts Festival 2020
The Arts Festival to promote, support, sustain & create opportunities for artists amidst these trying times.
December 17 - 20, 2020

AMI Arts Festival is Kolkata’s very own cultural festival that takes pride in Bengal’s cultural legacy and celebrates its contemporary manifestations in the arts. Though locally rooted, being trans-local in essence, the festival invites participants from across India to encourage cross-pollination of ideas and creativity. It is especially committed to artists, who have been adversely affected by the virus and the various natural and economic calamities that followed. It stands not only with the well-known artists, who have made their mark in the art world, but also with lesser known talented artists, who have invested years of hard work without being recognised, and the promising youngsters, who are struggling to begin their journeys in the present situation.

In addition to visual and performing artists, we are also extending our support to artisans and folk performers to promote our Cultural Heritage.

Going beyond the presumed differences between cutting-edge contemporary arts and traditional crafts, the festival promises to bring forth the very best of both worlds. Besides the exhibition and a range of associated programmes, the festival will also honour selected artists, performers, curators, critics and collectors with annual achievement awards.

AMI Arts festival will also serve as an annual fundraiser for KCC to keep doing everything we do to encourage research and scholarship, and to preserve and promote practice-based performance and visual arts. We have a wide reach of audience through our Instagram and social media pages. This year we are aiming to take the festival to digital platform and have an online presence, to reach out to a wider audience cutting across spatial-temporal boundaries.