Anjan Modak

Born in Kolkata, India. He completed his Bachelors and Masters from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata in 2009.

Among the present younger generation of artists exploring narrative subjectivity and the dramatic embodification of human figure, the works of Anjan Modak has embraced an all-encompassing present to evoke a sense of camaraderie among his objectification of the human presence in his paintings. He is adept at creating a space where he induces the viewer to immerse in a kaleidoscopic temporal flux. His works seem to present a fragmented, multi-layered and accelerated perception of duration that we have immersed ourselves within a frenzied environment. Quite understandably, emerging from his academic discourse after 2009 has incorporated these layers of feelings as he belongs to these attachments. The pressures of social situations and the celebration of Man who tries to emerge from these mounting engagements have drawn the artist to reflect these concerns. He seems to make a cryptic proclamation that life can be an uncanny experience. The speed of our cravings is out of sync with our perception of it. Time may slip away from us, but we are propelled by our urge to find a grey zone to maintain the tempo of our machine-like search. The jitteriness of this experience has been adeptly modelled by Anjan within the figural forms of his works. It takes us beyond the narratives to suggest that ‘we’ ourselves are a function of our imagination and hence no more or less real than any other fantasy. This deep introspection by the artist is an acknowledgement of the democratic concern of Man.

His major solo show includes, ‘White Black and More’ at Emami Art, Kolkata in 2016.

Anjan resides and works out of Kolkata.

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