Arindam Sinha

Arindam Sinha born 1995, Kolkata, India is a graduate of Government College of Art and Craft, Calcutta. The central theme of Arindam Sinha’s recent works is concerned with the human body, particularly, the human body in isolation. He takes his inspiration from everyday life. Arindam studies the portraits of himself and his family members, which he later uses in his paintings with some modifications. What he tries to capture is, however, not likeness, but his perception of the world coloured by the fantastic imaginations of his depressive loneliness, which he has long suffered from. His works, though mostly his private myths, are relevant to our lonely time, affected by the pandemic. Arindam has regularly participated in the annual exhibitions of his college and his works have been shown at Gaganendra Shipa Pradarshanshala in 2018. His talent was well recognized as a student in the art college and he was awarded the prestigious Rathin Mitra Award by the institution in 2018. Arindam Sinha lives and works in Kolkata, West Bengal.

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