Arunima Choudhury

Arunima Chowdhury received her diploma in fine arts from Indian Art College, Kolkata.

Her organic water-colour on handmade papers are hinged on multiple sensibilities. Her works explore the mediums with an incessant spirit of discovery, celebrate life in its nascent forms and embrace the vulnerability of existence like power of sustenance. Female figures, flora and fauna in her works emerge from a world steeped in deep faith. Faith in empathy, faith in tenderness – despite the lurking shadows from all darkness around. Arunima refuses to allow the menacing shadows to take over. She keeps on creating with the flow of light. Executed with impeccable sense of tonality, the figures in their silent composure evoke a sense of tranquillity immersed in light. However, light in its pure unadulterated form also carries melodies of sorrow under its wings. Often, Arunima’s paintings seem to be the wings of light. Enchantment of life is very subtly accompanied by the lullabies of pathos.

Arunima held her solo shows with Weavers Studio Centre for Arts, Seagull Arts and Media Resources and at Birla Academy in Kolkata.

Her work is in collection of the Museum of Bengal Modern Art, Arts are Foundation, Kolkata, Seagull Foundation for Arts, Kolkata, CIMA, Kolkata and many private collections in India and abroad.

Arunima resides and works out of Kolkata.

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