Bholanath Rudra

Born in Kolkata, West Bengal. Rudra completed his graduation from Indian collage of Arts and Draftmanship, Kolkata and his masters from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata in 2013.When the proliferation of a multifaceted phenomenon in the form of globalism opened up borders, the idea of provincial or regionalism came to be questioned within this changing order that invaded our circumstances from the 90s decade onwards. The upshots of development had paved the way for instantaneous communication, but it also engendered disagreement. It was the catalysis for the creation of new models for economic opportunities. Young artists like Bholanath Rudra who began their art practice and emerged from the first half of the 21st century, came to be confronted with these models of global expanse. As a result, the pillars of concretization have dismantled the natural order and brought about a new classification which Bholanath projects through the unorthodox fetishization of certain figural motifs making them deliberately ephemeral. The delicate layers of watercolor, a medium he seems to be at ease with, is applied to heighten the sense of vanishing bygone and advent of the new. This counter balance has been rendered with consummate skill to bring forward a certain homoeostasis, which we seek for but seems to dissipate away. The paintings appear to put forward a map visualizing the changing course of geopolitics. The decentered world of Bholanath has assimilated a kind of stylistic ‘esparanto’ so that it becomes legible to the enforcers of homogenization. This is the argument that he puts forth through his works, thus reinforcing the questions of local concerns, histories and identities.Rudra’s major solo show incudes ‘The Mechanical Libido’, held at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, 2013 and ‘States of Mind…..water colours’ at Society of Contemporary Artists, Kolkata, 2018.He was also the part of residency conducted by Lalit kala Akademi studio practice, 2013-14.The artist resides and works in Kolkata.

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