Debashish Paul

Debashish Paul born 1994 is a contemporary sculptor whose critical work explores the problems of queer identity in a society dominated by the heterosexual norms. After graduating from The Indian college of Art and Draftsmanship, Kolkata, Debashish is presently pursuing a master’s degree from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He seeks to expand and explore the tabooed conception of homosexuality by unveiling the body, treating it as a tender landscape and generating new references to queer identities. Working in the method of automatism, he does not use any layout, expressing his private emotions and sensibilities freely and without any control of prior thought. Debashish is careful in choosing materials for his works. His recent sculptural dresses, which indicate no specific gender orientation, male or female, are, in fact, the sensible screens, which both conceal and reveal his fragile emotions and desires, always in conflict with the society. Debashish’s works were appreciated in the annual exhibitions of Indian Art College of Art and Draftsmanship, and he has also shown in The Spring at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata in 2019. Debashish Paul lives and works in Nadia, West Bengal.

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