Debasis Barui

Born in Kolkata, West Bengal. He has earned a 5-year Diploma from Indian College of Art and Draftsmanship and Junior Fellowship (Ministry of Culture; 2011-12).Debasis Barui is the analyst of his own identity. Barui’s aspirations is to make a meditated simulacrum of the politics of desire but to approach as near to the reality of that desire as possible, to be in a complex and full way, realistic not to be restricted by any debased modernism. There are many constants in these works, wherever its site or performance, those are indicative of their structural concerns and their expressive concerns. Its structure is made visible by lines and notational markings across a floor extending to the walls.An installation artist like him has always seen his practice as an attempt to make changes in the perception of the social and cultural future through their interaction with the audience. His intention is to create an artwork that will instigate in the audience perceptions, understandings of their own creative potential; the logic of the process whereby the fixity of art object is challenged is seen in the increasing degree to which exchange value takes precedence over the use value. And if we take into consideration the knowledge, in the sense that art might provoke one to an understanding that a video monitor could provide us with must be characterized in Barui’s work more as information, the means to something other than the end in itself that is the performance. Art addresses the physiognomy of power: autonomy has ceased to operate as a paradigm because the space constructed here in which art functions has dispersed itself within the social fabric. There is no longer a separate realm capable of acting as a container for the ideal solutions to real problems, no longer a safe distance between the dirt of day to day actions, truth events and the purity which surrounds ones hopes and aspirations. In his installations the two spheres merge into one complex hyperspace which is as yet incompletely mapped onto our consciousnessHe has exhibited widely in numerous exhibitions namely: Birla Academy of Art and Culture, 1997; Jehangir Art Gallery. 1998); Aryan Art Gallery, 2004; Gallerie 88, 2006; Aakriti Art Gallery 2006, 2007; Anant Art Gallery, Kolkata, 2008; Emami Chisel Art, 2009, 2010, 2014; All India Art Exhibition, 2002; CIMA Awards Show, 2015; CIMA, Gem Cinema Project, Kolkata, 2017 and several others.His works are in collection of private collections in India. The artist resides and works in Kolkata.

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