G. Ravinder Reddy

Born at Suryapet, Andhra Pradesh, G. Ravinder Reddy holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture), in 1980, and a Master of Fine Arts (Creative Sculpture) from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in 1982.  He has a diploma (Art and Design), Goldsmith College of Arts from University of London, in 1990.

The first striking feature you notice about Reddy’s sculptures are the eyes--wide-eyed, bold and sensual. The second is a sense of familiarity, not mythical creatures but common day images of women who sell fish and vegetables, students going to college and women on her way to work. His work is Indian in flavour but seeps with a global appeal. Reddy’s iconic work–The Head–encapsulates the quintessential Ravinder Reddy.  It reflects Reddy’s own personality which is replete with calmness, coupled with a strength to live and work without bowing to society. His work revelled in the fusion of contemporary pop art and Hindu sculptural tradition. This fascinating trait spurred his national and international success.

Reddy’s works have been displayed around the world, from the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh to the Economist Plaza in London. Reddy’s solo exhibitions were held at Art Heritage, New Delhi, and at Mumbai, in 1981; Contemporary Art Gallery, at Ahmedabad, in 1982; Max Muller Bhavan at Hyderabad, in 1989; CCA at New Delhi, in 1990; Sakshi Madras, at Bangalore, in 1995-96; Sculpture, at New Delhi, in 1995; Traditions/ Tensions, Asia Society at New York, in 1996.

He has received junior and senior fellowships from the Department of Culture, Government of India, in 1991-93, 1995- 97; a Sanskriti Award in Arts at New Delhi, in 1990; LKA awards in Gujrat, in 1980; National Award by the Government of India, in 1980.

G Ravinder Reddy resides and works out of Visakhapatnam.