Ghana Shyam Latua

Born in 1992 in West Midnapore, India, Ghana Shyam Latua studied painting in Kala Bhavana, Visva-Bharati. A promising young contemporary artist, he is known for his unique landscape paintings inspired by the red, arid laterite land that surrounds Santiniketan. Adapting to new ideas and methods, he both explores and expands the age-old genre of landscape painting, moving away from academic training. His work showing his experimental approach both in style and in medium reflects his love for nature which is under threat of the expansion of modern tourism and urbanization,
Ghana Shyam has exhibited his work in a solo show Occupying Space at Gallery Exposure, 2020 and in many group exhibitions including Dih-Pahr-Cher at Ganges Art Gallery (Kolkata, 2020); Inside the Fibre at Arts Acre Museum (Kolkata, 2020); Annual Exhibition at SSVAAD (Santiniketan, 2019); CIMA award show (Kolkata, 2019); in Inward Vision at Arts Acre Museum (Kolkata, 2018) among others.
Ghana Shyam is the recipient of Dhi Support Grant in 2020 and National Garhi Scholarship in 2017.
He lives and works in Santiniketan, West Bengal.

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