Kumar Ranjan

Kumar Ranjan born 1978, Jharkhand, India is a self-taught artist. Working with a wide range of mediums and disciplines, from paintings to site-specific installation and sculpture, Kumar is concerned with the conditions of human life in specific social, cultural and political environments. A practitioner of the site-specific art, Kumar values the importance of the place, which always has its unique histories and stories to tell, establishing an endless dialogue with the viewer. Active interaction between the artwork and the viewer is crucial for many of Kumar’s site-specific sculptures and installations. Kumar has exhibited his works widely. He has had several solo outings such as at Hotwar, Ranchi 2015 and Symbiosis at Apparao Art Gallery, Gurgaon 2014. He has also taken part in many group shows including: Belles- Petitis- Choses, at Ganges Art Gallery, Kolkata 2019; Where Rubies are hidden, Rukshaan Art Gallery, Mumbai 2019; Viswaroopa, curated by Johny M L, at Birla Academy Of Art and Culture, Kolkata 2018; Honeycomb, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai 2018; among others. Kumar was also a part of the SARAI reader-08, Curated by Raqs media collectives, Devi Art Foundation, Gurgaon. He was awarded the 2009 FICA Emerging Artist Award, Vadhehra art gallery and more recently the 2000 Nokia Arts Award, Asia Pacific, New Delhi. Kumar Ranjan lives and works between Faridabad and Vadodara.

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