Manisha Agrawal

Manisha Agrawal born 1989 Lucknow, India studied painting at the Government Art College, Indore, graduating in 2013. Growing in a culture where flora and fauna have a special place in the people’s religious life, Manisha looks at them as the integral part of our natural and human life finding a unique expression in her works. Many of her recent works are in a way a condolence to nature, which is being destroyed by the rapid and unplanned growth of industrialization and urbanization. Concerned with the recent planetary crises of global warming, toxic pollution, mass extinction of the pieces and extreme weather, she paints symbols and elements to capture the nihilistic future we are heading to. Manisha has participated in many group shows including: Nature | Deliberated, Art Centrix Space, Delhi 2018; Residency program, MOG, Goa 2018; Parables and Paradoxes, Anant Art & Apparao Galleries, New Delhi 2018; “Maitrey”,Indo-Nepal Artist International exhibition, Lucknow 2019; “The Times of India Design X”- Anant Art Gallery 2019; “In Green Pastures and Urban Streets”-Art Pligrim Live, Gurugram 2019; “GAAF”-Museum of Goa, 2019; “Breath of Art”, Art pilgrim live, New Delhi 2020. Manisha recently had her solo show "Vanishing Beauty” at Kalakriti art gallery- Hydrabad 2019-20. Manisha Agrawal lives in Lucknow.

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