Snehashish Maity

Born in Durgapur, West Bengal. Maity has completed Bachelor in Visual Arts from Govt. College of Art and Craft Kolkata in 1995 and Masters in Visual Arts from M.S. University of Baroda in 1998.Snehasish Maity centers on urban experience in India and, hence, his own identity, the excavated chronicles of its composite culture. This is painting as psychological archaeology. Maity says” My work mostly deals with figurative and symbolic representation. Some time it is my own self but, these images ultimately move away from any personal association, towards the construction of an identity in context of an intellectual space.” Here the representation of self does not autobiographical, rather a common universal experience shared by all which referred to through the knowledge and experience of Maity’s own. He adds “The underlying socio-political issues, deprivation, degeneration of the human kind and isolation of the human beings are universal at the same time very personally deep-rooted; on the other hand, knowledge throngs mass media events, incident are influencing over my work.” His practice is essentially bound up with practicalities of making. Maity regards his works as ‘objects’, as independent objects in their world and the term poetic which has frequently been applied to his painted space is received less than rapture.Ultimately it is Maity’s sensibility that gives these works their distinction, the quality of his attention, the unlikely subtlety and boldness of his sensuality, the harmony he creates of tensions, inarticulateness, ambiguities, volume, light, elusive moments. It is as though he sets out to escape the customary. His tone is humorous, affectionate-his mode on canvas; an uninhibited freedom of subterfuge and play, the energy, dynamism, absorption and spontaneity reveal strands of social semiotic of what talks about and the means and style of expression it employs to do so. A tormenting thought that as of a certain point, history is no longer real and since the purpose of imagery in art history is to remind us, by approximation, of those meanings for which the image stands, and since, apart from this, imagery is unnecessary for thought, we must be more familiar with the image than with which it clarifies.For Maity, this description implies an ability to see beyond recognition of the order of things- a refuge of evasion. We should not take poetic in the literal sense of “Poetry” rather acknowledge the metaphorical content of his work, especially the ‘Mask’ in context of present environmental concern where the expression of ideas has shifted from the head to its heart.His solo/group shows include CIMA” Award Show, Kolkata, 2016. A Group Show organized by Emami Chisel Art Gallery, Kolkata. 2015 “Net Work” A site specific installation in Kolkata, 2014 “Dialogue” A site specific installation show in Chander Haat Kolkata. “Urban Narratives” Curated by Nanak Ganguly, presented and commissioned by “ESPACE” LOUIS VUITTON’’, Tokyo, 2013; 2011 “Harvest” a major group show organized by Arushi Arts, New Delhi and others; 2008 “Beyond Boundaries’ organized by, Visual Art, UK and Arushi Arts, New Delhi in London; ‘Sixth Sense’ organized by Arushi Arts, Travancore Palace, New Delhi. Singapore Art Fair, Arushi Arts; 2007 The Contemporary Indian Art Show organized by Arushi Arts, Nehru Centre, London.His works are collection of National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, CEAT India Ltd. And RPG Ltd, Canadian Scientists Society, Portland and Art Museum U.S.A; Osaka Museum, Japan. Many Private Collections in India, Germany, Japan, U.S.A and Singapore. The artist resides and works in Kolkata.

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