Suman Dey

A self-taught artist. Suman seems to have identified his attention to the time-tested formal properties, but, emphasizing that it is not essential that the world of concrete objects be abandoned entirely. The arbitrariness of his strategy has taken a definitive shape from his own evolved curriculum of being a self-taught artist. His non-adherence to the basic tools of institutional training has probably led him to improvise his mode of space construction with a sense of precariousness which he has made it into a challenging exercise. Delicate layers of sombre hues of colours engulf the undefined spaces which appear to be embedded at times with some mute architectural forms, dislocated particles of physical evidence that gives a quiet existential quality to his work. It seems as a journey where all the traces of the artist’s gestures are incorporated to search for the echoes of time. There is no impending drama or possibility of action here, but a beguiling fusion of fragments picked up from the journey of the artist. Bearers of tradition can get trapped through an obsessive and relentless pursuit of their predecessor’s, but, Suman’s forte’ is laid in his quest to find an aesthetic and conceptual language which pays homage and indicates towards a new figuration.Recipient of Certificate of Merit, Emami Art Annual Exhibition in 2017.The artist resides and works in Kolkata.

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