Khoai Landscape | খোয়াই ল্যান্ডস্কেপ

Works on paper by Ghana Shyam Latua
January 5 – January 30, 2021

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Khoai Landscape | খোয়াই ল্যান্ডস্কেপ is a bilingual show by Emami Art that will be showcasing the works on paper by Ghana Shyam Latua. Ghana Shyam was deeply fascinated by the landscape paintings of the Santiniketan artists when he first saw them as a student of Kala Bhavana. In his paintings of Khoai, he, however, has consciously chosen not to follow the tradition of the Santiniketan artists, for the sublime presence that once inspired the artists and poets of Santiniketan is now largely lost and threatened by the rapid spread of tourism and urbanization. Surrounded by the white blank spaces, Khoai is depicted in his monochrome paintings in the exhibition not as a panoramic landscape but as a series of fragmented frames, like plots.

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