India Art Fair 9 – 12 February, 2018, New Delhi

India Art Fair 9 – 12 February, 2018, New Delhi

JAMINI ROY’S Crucifixion, a seminal marker of painterly departures that shaped modernist practice in the region – the work is displayed alongside a delightfully humorous suite of contemporary pat paintings by award winning folk artist ANWAR CHITRAKAR – draws attention to the legacy and richness of idioms from where current practitioners continue to derive inspiration.

JOGEN CHOWDHURY’S boldly etched ink drawings present human foibles in an inimitable style. Urbane, yet brimming with regional flavor, they reveal the artist’s deep affection for his cultural milieu.

CHITTROVANU MAZUMDAR’S conceptual installation –a dark multimedia construct which references lunar cycles – highlights his propensity for cross-disciplinary borrowings and the theatrical, both of which are used as part of a strategy with which to blur boundaries.

JAYASHREE CHAKRAVARTY’S highly detailed paintings, carefully constructed with layers of impasto, are bearers of larger epiphanies: her artistic quest is to transform the personal into universal, even metaphysical, truths.

Although spare, the presentation in the booth is an attempt to present art from the region in more contemporary light and to draw attention to the exceptional idioms of some of its most eminent contemporary practitioners.
It also serves as a glimpse of EMAMI ART’S renewed thrust towards the promotion of superlative Indian Modern and Contemporary art.