Emami Art Mentorship Programme 1.3
Open Call for Mentorship & Online Exhibition curated by Ushmita Sahu
July 21 - August 21, 2020

As the lockdown continues, it has become imperative to find innovative ways of engaging with art and artists. Keeping this in mind, for the past several months, Emami art has been curating diverse projects via their online platform. These range from art exhibitions, fundraisers in support of Amphan cyclone victims, art conversations with eminent Indian art practitioners as well as a mentorship programme aimed at young artists and art students. In continuation of this active commitment to methodologies that forward the discourse of art within the region and beyond, Emami Art is collaborating with curator Ushmita Sahu on its first Open Call for individuals working primarily on/with paper. This is an extension of the mentorship programme and is aimed at providing talented artists with a platform to exhibit their works, an d to provide support in the form of mentorship and advisory. Emami art is also cognizant of the fact that in many cases language becomes a barrier, hence, this open call will accept applications in multiple languages- Hindi, Bangla & English.

There is also no age limit for artists applying to the programme. 10 (Ten) shortlisted candidates will get the chance to be part of an Emami art online exhibition along with various mentorship programmes including portfolio assessment & feedback by prominent art practitioners.

Medium: A call for Individuals who work professionally and masters degree students using paper as their primary medium (drawings, paintings, printmaking, paper-cast and making, paper collage, paper cutting, paper sculpture etc.).

Friday 21.08.2020 - 23:59 IST
Important: Late and incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Processing Fee
A non-refundable processing fee of INR 200/- will be charged per application.

Selection Announcement:
Selected artists list will be announced on Friday 29.08.2020- 23:59 IST.

Jury: A jury consisting of Richa Agarwal, CEO Emami Art, Ushmita Sahu, project curator and eminent art practitioners will review applications.

What the Open Call Offers
1. An online exhibition on Emami Art website in September 2020 (Dates to be announced later)
2. Each open call winner will get a one to one/individual 60 minute session (max) with a mentor selected by Emami art, to discuss their portfolios. ( Dates to be announced later)
3. Masterclass lectures by invited panellist and curator, followed by discussion. (Dates to be announced later)
4. Exhibition e-catalogue
5. Online promotion of artists
6. Advisory from Emami art team

How to apply

  1. Name, date of birth, contact information with current self-photo. (Page 1)
  2. A recently updated Artists CV of maximum one page. This should include your education qualifications, past exhibitions, publication, awards/grants etc. (Page 2)
  3. Website (if any) hyperlink in the CV (Page 2)
  4. A maximum 600 word concise artist statement written in simple language. ( Page 3)
  5. Minimum 10 and Maximum 20 images of works done within last 18 months with all relevant particulars such as title, size, medium, year etc.
  6. All works must include short description (detail of the artwork)
  7. Images of works must include at least 50 percent new works that have not been shown/published previously in any other exhibition/catalogue online, social media or otherwise. Please mark these as new works.
  8. (for example, if you are sharing 10 images – 5 should be new)
  9. All English texts in San Serif font (Calibri preferred).
  10. Applications are welcomed in English, Hindi or Bengali.

a. Submissions which do not follow the above guidelines strictly will not be entertained.
b. Any text such as bio, artists statements, work details etc written in all-caps (capital letters) will be rejected.
c. All applications should be neatly typed. Handwritten text is not valid.
d. Images in the pdf should be clear. (Take care not to compress image size while saving from word/ppt/psd to pdf)
e. Incomplete/incorrect applications will be turned down.
f. Applications for any other medium than specified will be refused.
g. PDF larger than 20 mb will be excluded.
h. Please check your application properly before emailing it, you cannot make any changes to your application once shared.

For further enquiries Contact us at contact@emamiart.com / +91 9830485013

**Terms and Conditions as Applicable