Hear! Here!
Read-Aloud online session with stories based on the theme of Love & Friendship
Saturday 5th June, 2021

Emami Art and ThinkArts have come together to organize virtual programmes to provide children with space to creatively engage and to build a larger purpose of learning for the future during these unprecedented times.

Hear! Here! invites children of ages 6 to 9 and their grown-ups to a Read-Aloud session with stories based on the theme of Love & Friendship. The online session led by Priyanka Adhikary will also include activities for the children and families to participate in.

Priyanka is a passionate early childhood educator, a spoken word story-teller and a freelance creative writer. She has performed many spoken word pieces at various cafes and events across Kolkata and has led online sessions for children for The ThinkArts Corner.

Hear! Here!
Saturday, 5th June, 2021 | 11 AM to 12:00 PM | Online on Zoom
For ages 6 to 9 and parents
RSVP 9831256730 

About ThinkArts

ThinkArts was founded in December 2013 to facilitate high quality, transformative arts events for children and young adults, based on the belief that regular creative experiences are essential for children to develop their imagination and emotional intelligence. Based in Kolkata, ThinkArts has collaborated with over 75 partners across India and internationally to bring a diverse programme of literary, visual art, dance, theatre and story-telling events to children and young people in several cities across India. Since 2020, ThinkArts has presented over 100 online workshops and art engagement sessions for children and young people.

At ThinkArts, we believe that the power of art to provoke thought, fuel the imagination, and reinvigorate the spirit, should be accessible to children. Our current situation, perhaps now more than ever, has urged us to keep organising programmes of this nature, to provide children with the space to creatively engage with the arts and to build a larger purpose of learning for the future. Although we hope to restart in-person programmes when the possibility opens up, we’ve found our online sessions to be similarly meaningful.